As with all activities, Martial Arts has several incidental expenses.

As a parents of four childrn  and grand parent  I try to keep this to a minimum.                                                                                                                Depending on a student’s interest and commitment to becoming a Black Belt, the amount of necessary martial arts related equipment will naturally increase.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            It takes between 2&1/2 to 4 years for a child to become a Junior Black Belt.

Here is a list of  martial arts equipment your child will need in his/her pursuit of a Black Belt.


Martial Arts uniforms are tool designed to facilitate learning the style being studied.                                                                                                      The simplified explanation of what your child will learn is a combination of Grapping and throwing arts. Wrestling /Ju-jitsu and striking arts Boxing and Chinese fast hands.  Think of Bruce Lee.

Each student needs:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 1.  Ju-Jitsu uniform, it is made of a heavy material that will not tear during the grappling curriculum.                                                                   2.  A Vail Academy of martial arts T-shirt.  This allows the arms to be free of the heavy weight of the Ju-Jitsu uniform    for the development of quick eye hand coordination and facilitate learning the  subtleties of Chinese fast hand that can only be learned by feel.   
 Cost:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Ju-Jitsu uniform $70.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                           T-shirt  $20.00 

Assistant Instructor patch $4.00
American Flag $5.00
Black Belt Club patch $10.00

Belt Test
There are 10 Belt Ranks (Kyus) to the attainment of First Degree Black Belt (1st Dan). The order is as follows:
10th Kyu---yellow belt
9th Kyu----yellow belt, black stripe
8th Kyu----green belt
7th Kyu----green belt, black stripe
6th Kyu----blue belt
5th Kyu----blue belt, black stripe
4th Kyu----brown belt
3rd Kyu----brown belt, black stripe
2nd Kyu----red belt
1st Kyu----red belt, black stripe

The Cost of each test is $30.00. The cost of the test includes the price of the belt. 

The Black Belt test fee is $100.00.

The fee includes the registrations in both the United States Black Belt Federation and the American Kenpo karate Federation, and pays for the lodging and travel expenses of the visiting judges. (To keep the test objective, I can administer the Black Belt Test but the judging must be done by high ranking Black Belts in our organization).

Competition equipment

I am able to supply the appropriate safety gear for wrestling and sword fighting. When a student is ready to kick box, full fighting gear is required. It is possible to buy this in increments. Students cannot kick box without all their protection gear, but they can box with head gear, mouth piece and boxing gloves. The cost of full gear is $195.00 for children. Students are not required to have full fighting gear, but a student that shows a serious interest in becoming a Black Belt will, at some time, need it.

Required protective fighting gear.
Head gear
Mouth guard
Boxing gloves
Chest protector
Groin protector (boys)
Shin Guards
Foot Guards.

Martial Arts Weapons

Over the course of a student’s career to black belt they have to show proficiency with a number of traditional martial arts weapons. At first I can supply these training tools, but there comes a time when each student must have their own equipment.

Jo staff (four-foot staff) can be made from an old broom

Escrema Sticks 26” Philippine fighting sticks

Nunchaku (foam)

Kendo Shinai

Chinese Battle Fan

Safety glasses

Stick Fighting gloves.