. Adult Program

Tuesdays & Thursday 6:15 to 8:15pm

From September 3rd to May 28th
Cost $135.00 per month

Adaptive Martial Arts / Self Protection

What do we mean by adaptive Martial Arts

Especially up here in the high country, most adults over the age of thirty have incurred at least one orthopedic injury.
At age 69 Grand Master Bayley has personal experience, through kayaking and snowboarding, of this reality.
Since there are  thousands of simple effective martial arts / self-protection techniques that enable a person to defend themselves
Grand Master Bayley  teachs each student  

To be clear, the adult program is not a sport martial art class.
It is an Urban Close Quarter Combat Class.
This class was developed for adults who wish to learn how to protect themselves and their families.
Certified as a Defense Tactic Instructor for law enforcement, Grand Master Bayley has trained with, trained under, and has been the instructor for elite units of every branch of the U.S. military.
The most commonly ask question is “Can I learn an aggressive self-defense system without getting hurt?”  Absolutely, with the proper instructor.    
As an example, during Desert Storm, Mr. Bayley worked with helicopter pilots, instructing them how to defend themselves against multiple attackers, if they were shot down behind enemy lines.
A pilot must not be injured during this type of training or they cannot deploy; this would defeat the whole purpose of the training.
Mr. Bayley’s services where requested because of his reputation for keeping each pilot safe and injury-free during this rigorous training.
If having the ability to protect yourself and your family when traveling or under any other circumstances is a skill you wish to have, you will like this class.



Historically, Martial Arts has been taught with the attitude that the student was expected to blindly follow the teaching of their Sensei regardless of their reasons for taking lessons, their body type, or mentality. Everyone was expected to do the same moves the same way. We feel that this is an inefficient was to teach people the fundamentals of Martial Arts and especially to defend themselves. There is a pervasive attitude amoung traditional Martial Arts instructors that their Martial Arts is more important than the individual student. We feel strongly that this should be the other way around. 

THE ADULT PROGRAM IS A MIXTURE OF Boxing, Ju-Jitsu, King fu, Hapkido, Do, Tai Kwon Do, Kenpo, Aikido, Krav Maga, Mui Tai, all three forms of Philippine stick fighting, baton and Koga. This eclectic blend of martial arts allows us to design the perfect fighting style for each student.