Vail Academy of Martial Arts

Mathew Bayley is a Master of the Martial Arts, "8th degree Black Belt", in  Chinese martial arts and is a Third degree Black Belt in Ju-Jitsu First dgree Black belt in Judo  certified by the United States Ju-Jitsu Federation. Master Bayley is a Grand Champion Martial Arts competitor and consultant to law enforcement and the military in unarmed defense. 

Master Bayley is versed in a dozen different types of Martial Arts, including Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Whar Ran Do, Mui Tai, Boxing, and Philippine Stick Fighting. 

Master Bayley is the Colorado State Director of the United States Black Belt Federation and is certified by the United States Jujitsu Federation, The United States Martial Arts Federation the American Karate Association, the United States Black Belt Federation and the American Kenpo Karate Federation. 

As a consultant on young peoples safety, Mr. Bayley has worked with numerous schools and school districts in the State of Colorado including The Vail Mountain School, Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind, the Colorado Springs School, The Fountain Valley School and selected schools in School Districts 2, 5, 11, 20, R1, R3, and 60. 

Mathew Bayley is the children's safety editor for Kid's Stuff , magazine, writes a by-monthly article on safety for the Vail Daily and is currently showing three different safety videos on Channel 5. 

With his vast knowledge of Martial Arts, multiple national awards for young peoples safety, and a commendation from the Commissioner of the Colorado Department of Education for his "outstanding skills in both motivating and educating with a high degree of effectiveness", Master of the Martial Arts Mathew Bayley has offered the Vail Valley community the finest program for children available anywhere in the country for the last twenty seven years and looks forward to serving both residents and visitors to the Vail area for years to come.